The chemical industry provides us the type of products that are closest to our daily lives. We find them from our domestic environment to phytosanitary products used in agriculture.

In Carbonell Figueras we help build chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine high human value with the responsibility of environmental protection. Through the joint effort we are working to contribute to the success of our clients in the chemistry and petrochemical sector in Spain and Latin America.


REPSOL, C-10 Project, Cartagena, Murcia


DOW Estarreja, Portugal


REPSOL, PZSAGO, Tanks Park, Sines, Portugal


PETROGAL – GALP, Restructuring Sines refinery, Portugal

REPSOL, Edificio Polivalente

REPSOL, Rehabilitación edificio Polivalente, Portugal

Air Liquide, Alice, Sines, Portugal

AIR LIQUIDE, Alice, Sines, Portugal